ui bugs


  1. Bug when trying to move a file.
    a. If we have a deep directory structure, like: project/dataset/dir1/dir2/dir3/file, if I try to move file, when pressing the move button the location is not where I am currently as project/dataset/dir1/dir2/dir3, but instead it is the dataset location so: project/dataset
    b. Since the location is set as default to project/dataset, if I want to move project/dataset/dir1/dir2/dir3/file to /project/dataset - so move and then I don't change location and press move - operation fails with "no file selected"
    c. If I choose my move location by simply navigating to the parent with the use of "..", when I try to finalize the move - operation fails with "file already there"

  2. Bug in the Job UI - The details frame of the jobs view, when changed, triggers the creation of a scroll bar in the list of jobs, but the lowest scrollable point is not the lowest job, so you won’t be able to see the last job in the list while using the scroll.

  3. Bug creating new directories. When creating new directories, if the directory exists, on pressing enter the subpath with the dataset is prepended to directory name and an error message is displayed (correctly). Seeing this, a user might consider correcting the directory name to a non existing one, but of course he might not deem it necessary to delete the now prepended dataset subpath. Upon pressing enter to create the new directory the dataset subpath is prepended again and of course the operation fails with directory subpath not existing. Pressing enter, continuously prepends the current subpath within the dataset to the directory name.




Ermias Gebremeskel


Alex Ormenisan


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